goodie closet: good seller?

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  1. interested to know:
    1. whether any TPFers have purchased from
    2. and if they received their purchase
    3. recommend buying from this blog/seller
    4. authentic items/ trustworthy seller

    any assistance and insight is greatly appreciated.

    thanks tpfers yall always help me in times of fashion crises.
  2. Hi Ygdd,

    Have you purchased from the goodiecloset blog before? Are you speaking of your personal opinion? I was just about to make a purchase before I saw this thread. Please lemme know :P
  3. ^^ every post this member has made has been accusatory in reference to fakes. OP, disregard.

    From a surface view, everything on this blog appears to be on the up and up. Photos check out, prices aren't too good to be true, and a quick google search yields no bad reviews.

    HTH. :flowers:
  4. #4 Oct 7, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
    I've purchased PS1s from Barneys and Kirna Zabete, and the ones I've seen for sale on that blog don't look authentic. The hardware and leather are off. I can't speak for the other items.

    This seller also claims that this forum is a scam used to bait innocent shoppers into buying fake bags by providing fraudulent authentications:
  5. I actually brought an Hermes H click-clac bracelet from this seller, and is good actually, which I'm very relief to say.
  6. wow I just read all the ripoff reports she links to... there sure are some crazy people out there!
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    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
    goodiecloset sells fake Proenza Schouler PS1s and fake Alexander Wang bags. Seller has several ebay IDs that she/he sells under.
  8. This has been around for a while...
  9. Which is why this member links to a rip off report about me. I reported her fake AW bags on ebay & bonanza and next thing I know she came after me, full speed.
  10. This seller, **************.com is known to sell fake goods. I purchased a celine nano from her, took her ages to process the refund when I told her I spotted it as a fake from the photos provided.
    In the end, I gambled and asked her to send me another celine nano, of which she had mentioned to have been the third celine nano she found.
    DO NOT BUY FROM HER, ever. Despite what she says about TPF trying to bring her name down.