1. ...for six weeks! (You guys didn't really think I could leave, did you? hehe)

    I'm leaving tonight for Florida, Chicago, LA, and Vegas! I'll be back in Hawaii near the end of July. My internet access will be a little sporadic, but I'll come and check in as much as I can.

    I will also do my best to NOT BUY A THING (yeah, right).

    I'll miss you guys! Hope you all have a great summer.

  2. Have a good time and I can't wait to see photos of your purchases (cos we know you won't be able to resist!!!!)
  3. Wow - sounds an amazing trip - bon voyage!:yahoo:
  4. Have fun..enjoy!!
  5. Have a nice trip!!
  6. Have fun!
  7. Have a great time and remember to tell us all!
  8. I think there will be A LOT to tell (*cough getting engaged cough*) HEHE!!!

    Thanks guys!!! Anyone else have summer plans?
  9. ^^^ Aww congrats!!

    I'm going to be in Vegas the end of next week with my friends and bf! That's my plan lol.
  10. Woohooooo,....have a great time!!!!!
  11. Have a great time!
  12. Oh my goodness!! 6 weeks without tPF?! I was already freaking out this morning when the internet wouldn't work (I needed to look up a phone number), lol. I couldn't even imagine that.

    Have a great time!
  13. Have a fantastic trip.
  14. Lucky you! Have a safe great trip!
  15. Have a super great time this summer :nuts:

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the *cough engagement cough* :graucho:

    Think of me when you get back ....!