Goodbye to Ostrich Birkin??

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am having an existential dilemma. I bought a bleu roi 35cm ostrich birkin several years ago from a reseller and I am debating selling it because I have only used it twice and my husband thinks that I should put the money to better use. I think my dilemma is that it would be great to have more room and more funds but that color and size will not be made again. Should the blue bird stay or go??:thinking:
  2. can we see it? do you love the bag - since you bought it? what r the reasons u didnt use it more?
  3. perhaps the question is why you are not using it? i honestly feel a bag should be used. if it doesn't suit your everyday use or even special occasion use...then perhaps, your husband is right. having a bag that only sits in the dustbag is kind of sad.

    also, it really depends on what you (and your husband) wants to use the funds for and how much you need the funds. hopefully, this helps! good luck with your decision :smile:
  4. Dont use sell
    Dont suit sell
    No more love sell
    But before you decide think carefully
    Will your dh still support for your h fund in future
    Or no love no patience for bag nonsense
    I won't sell if he's not going to buy in future haha
    At least you still holding one
    I dont care
    Ostrich does not come in 35 anymore for many years
    35 on exotic is super light
    Ostrich are very sturdy and durable
    Not delicate at all
    Blue Roi is very elegant color
    Handles not obvious if darken
    Thats the only setback bout bird very prone to oil and sweat

    Family love and needs still come first
    Luxury are gd to have but not must
  5. If it were me I would not sell it because it's a rare bag. Even if I can't or won't use it often. Unless I really really need the money for something more important. Maybe there's other bags you can sell that's not as special so you can have the funds or won't feel guilty keeping it? Just my two cents. 👍
  6. Does you DH have plans for the funds if you were to sell your ostrich? If not then Manet hold on to it asthe price will not go down.

    Is there a reason you don't carry it? Take it out for a spin and maybe you can find a way to get it into rotation.

    Our lives change all the time, what didn't work a few years ago can be perfect now. If you don't need to sell, it would be a pity to reduce you options.

  7. +1!
    (bagidiotic, I love your reading your comments - you are always straightforward yet poetic. :smile: )
  8. Thanks dear
    Just giving my most frank honest opinions
    My English so lousy
    Poetic?? Haha
    Thanks for the compliment

  9. Couldn't agree more!! Great advice and indeed, very poetic ;).
  10. Don't sell it if you're not sure. 35 is not offered anymore and you can always sell it later on if and when you will be sure to do so. JUST USE IT!!!!
  11. +1 i echo what everyone has said here
    albeit i am guilty myself for not using most of my bags often,,,

  12. Bagidiotic I love the way you write - it IS like poetry! Your "lousy" English sounds better than my ramblings...think of it as "Hermès Haiku"! [emoji8]

    And I agree!
  13. Oh no
    My honourable attorney
    Objection! !!!
    Me farrrrrrrr from you
    Thanks my h comrade
  14. as much as i love birds and i keep searching for 35cms if it just does not go well sell because the bag is not really living its true purpose nor is it truly making you me the momment a bag proposes a dilema one must sell.................
  15. Sell if you are not using the bag. A B35 should be a bag you can use a lot, i.e. it's not special occasion due to its size, so if you're not using it as a daily bag, I would sell it.
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