Goodbye Saleya, Hello Alma!

  1. Y'all may remember I got a new saleya mm from my husband on Wed. I liked it a lot, but it wouldn't stay on my shoulder. DH had a feeling I wasn't crazy in love with it. So, he woke up Thurs. morning, boxed it up and went to LV to exchange it. I was breathing a sigh of relief because even though that saleya is GORGEOUS, it didn't fit me well. And I didn't want to keep a bag that cost that much when I knew I wouldn't use it very much. My husband has always loved the shape of the alma. And, thanks to Bagluvluv for posting her pics of her damier alma, that's what he came home with. He has picked out 5 of my bags, so I trust his taste. Saleya MM was mine for a day. Still love it, just wish the straps were a tad bit longer. Alma is a classic, gorgeous bag and since it's Damier, I'm lovin it even more. Oh, got a scarf at Nordstrom's to add some color when I'm feeling dressy.
    Picture 007.jpg
  2. 2nd pic with scarf:
    Picture 005.jpg
  3. It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! The scarf looks great on it too :smile: This is definetly a bag that is on my list!
  4. Your husband really has great taste! The Damier Alma is really gorgeous and I love the family shot, congrats!!
  5. love the damier alma, congrats
  6. Thanks, twiggers, icechick and glamourette. I need to learn different ways to tie my scarf. Looks like my 3 year old did it. haha
  7. oh I love it with the scarf! thats a great touch. Your hubby is so sweet, congrats!!
  8. Your DH sounds quite wonderful. The new bag is gorgeous and the scarf looks lovely on it!
  9. He such a sweetie, glad he changed it for the Alma.... It's gorgeous....:girlsigh:

    Congrats! Texas Girl...:love: :yes:
  10. it looks great! i like your collection too!
  11. Love the alma! Congrats!
  12. I love your collection Melissa! Congrats on the exchange and the scarf looks beautiful with it - enjoy!!!
  13. Lovely collection.
  14. your hubby is so sweet! i love the damier alma! it looks soooo classy.
  15. Very nice! The damier alma is one of my favorite bags!