Goodbye NF MM and Hello to........

  1. Azur Saleya MM!!!:yahoo:
    It was sad to see my NF MM baby go:crybaby:....but I really hate to see those annoying marks despite it's on the inner side and it'll darken as the handles change color...........Because my LV store did not have the epi lockit ivory yet and I have to choose another bag in exchange with my NF.... so I chose this baby


    and my fleur cles multicolore goes well with the bag rather than my LVOE phone charm. I hope my grief over NF MM will ease away as I enjoy my new baby from now on:rolleyes:..hehe Waiting for my ivory epi lockit to come:love:
  2. She's a looker! LoVe it!
  3.'s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oooh, so beautiful!! Congratulations!!
  5. Congrats!:smile:
  6. Congrats! So pretty!
    That Fleurs Keychain looks very cute with it :yes:
  7. congrats......its pretty!
  8. Oh so pretty .. great choice!!
  9. Congrats! It looks so pretty! Modeling pics please! :p
  10. Excuse my background and my little tummy :p hehe. My Nokia 7390 does a good job in taking pics but it's just that my hand was a little be shaky...

    Over the shoulder

  11. It's really cute! I love the shape! When did you hear the epi lockit would be in? Is the boutique closed for Canada Day?
  12. looks so summery! love it!

  13. According to some TPFer, they said it would be tmr (July1st)...YAY Canada Day:yahoo:Some TPFer already see the bag IRL and it's gorgeous!!!

    But today when i went to LV, my SA said the lockit will be in either one week or two weeks from now....and she did not know about the price yet....but i told her i love the ivory epi lockit and she said she would reserve one for me when it comes~~:wlae:ahh...excitement!!!

    Where in Canada you live in? Maybe your LV store already got some!!
  14. I love it, congrats! :yahoo: I also love the keychain (?) that you've attatched to it! :yes:
  15. Beautiful!!Congrats!