goodbye my love *sniff sniff*

  1. so just before xmas i got myself this tote that i completely fell in love with from the cruise collection

    pic my own

    i am kissing it goodbye to fund a watch i really really want :heart::yes:

    it's soo hard having to give it up :crybaby: but it's not an everyday bag so i decided it's got to go since i haven't used it more than 5 times since i got it and i would probably wear the watch everyday, not to mention, the value on the watch will always be there compared to the bag.
  2. Well, i love Chanel, but honestly, it looks like you're doing the right thing. The Rolex is beautiful and you can keep it all your life. = )
  3. I think you made a fantastic decision! Congrats on the beautiful watch.
  4. You're making the right decision, congrats on your future Rolex!
  5. simply forge ahead ~ toward your beautiful rolex................& your next chanel! ~ :lol:
  6. Sad to hear about the bag....BUT...... Congrats on the watch!!!!!
  7. The watch looks beautiful
  8. ooh that one of the bags "samantha" carries in the satc movie... but ultimately it is a good decision.. you'll obviously get more use out of a watch & rolex is a great investment!!
  9. The watch is outstanding so it is a good choice.
  10. Smart move! the watch is a great investment choice!
  11. Definitely the watch over the tote.
  12. I think your making a good choice, ooo and that rolex is FAB!
  13. I own that particular style Rolex and it's been my favorite watch for years. I wore it daily for several years until I got a new one this past summer. The new one is less dressy (31 mm case with rose gold and black face) and now the mother-of-pearl is living in its watch winder and I use it for dress. You will LOVE this watch and never regret it. It's a classic that will only become more valuable.
  14. good decision. I don't think you will regret it.
  15. That watch is fab! You're doing the right thing!