Goodbye my beloved Bombay....

  1. and hellloooooooooo Kelly!!

    Did the up...(Thank God we didn't get kicked out by the SA in H store SCP)
    that Kelly was staring at me "you know you want me...." I can't believe she was really there!!!! She is magical!!
    So I whispered goodbye to baby Bombay and brought Kelly home. I will really miss Bombay..but I'll treasure Kelly forever!!:heart::heart:

    ok...enough BS....Kelly pictures...:upsidedown::rolleyes:




  2. OMG- gorgeous! I love that BJ color! Congrats!
  3. Oh, it is so pretty!!!!! I love that color! Now, I really need to save up for one!
  4. I LOVE that color and it looks gorgeous on the Kelly! Enjoy and Congratulations Fesdu!
  5. wow, two bj kellys in one day!!!!!!!!!!!

    coool!!!! congrats!!!!!
  6. Awesome. congrats. i need to visit my parents more often in OC.
  7. Congratulations!!!! It's okay.......the BJ kelly is more beautiful than the bombay. And BJ kelly is rare to find!!

  8. OK, YEAH! Now THAT'S the ticket, Fesdu! It's beautiful and I think you will be very, very happy with the BJ!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  9. Congratulations. I am sorry your PB had to go but your new bag is really beautiful. Kelly bags are so special.
  10. lovely lovely lovely!
  11. I just saw the BJ Kelly live this week for the first time. It is much prettier than I evn pictured. You must be so happy!
  12. Congrats! It's really beautiful! Enjoy!
  13. fabulous. great pictures. i feel like i missed the back story some how. how long did you have the bombay for?
    and is the kelly a 28? it looks terrific on you (may i ask your height?) what leather?
    a very wise decision i think. you'll be very happy together.
  14. I am shocked! I was just bragging on your old bag to someone!!! Completely shocked, but your new bag is beautiful as well. Whatever makes the owner is gorgeous.
  15. That is so funny!!! Trading up - at least you were able to do that! New kelly is pretty and you will enjoy no doubt - love the color! There will be other orange bags you can look for in the future...