goodbye, mono stephen

  1. i am mailing her (him?) back to elux this afternoon. just not for me. it is amazing, though!
  2. OMG. I was just thinking about doing the same thing.:Push:
  3. I agree, love the Polly, not the Stephen
  4. Stephen = :yucky:
  5. You do what you have to do...bye-bye, stephen!
  6. he was in my dream cart... then i bought him. my mistake.
  7. I didn't care for it in the beginning but it's been growing on me, feels to big for an everyday bag though.
  8. Awww, well just think what you can get in his place :smile:
  9. Was it too big? I prefer the polly myself.
  10. like a great carry on or overnight. it's a big, heavy bag.
  11. If you were not happy then it isn't the bag for you!:yes:

    I have the Stephen and love it, but I do say it took some time to adjust to it. I had/and still love my mono Speedy 30 and the Stephen is bigger. But now I am LOVING this bag!!!! I have used it everyday since I got it. Now it is just my size!!! But if it was not for you, then you should get a bag that is YOU!!!!
  12. awww bon voyage, stephen!! :smile:
  13. I'm sure he'll find a good home!
  14. i prefer polly...great point though good carry on or over night
  15. I ADORE mine..I have not stopped carrying it since I received it! I totally get that it may be too big for some. Its truly the most comfy bag I have ever carried. (and I have had LOADS) You will find something to take its place is no time!