Goodbye Mini Lin Boulogne?

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  1. I'm in LVOE with the new Mahina XS. Its my favorite type of bag, a shoulder bag. I love that its in a dark color (BLACK!) and I especially love that its no vachetta.

    But my Mini Lin Boulogne Ebeny is my every day bag. Just like the Mahina XS, its dark, no vachetta and its a shoulder bag. The only real difference is, its brown. I don't have a lot of brown things in my wardrobe. Even though I use my Mini Lin Boulogne almost everyday, I always wonder if my bag matches my outfit. I mostly wear black, prints and many colors. When I throw on pair of jeans and a colored blouse, the mini lin looks good! But with everything else, it doesn't fit well.

    Should I sell my Mini Lin Boulogne to finance my Mahina XS? Or should I keep it?

  2. I would keep the bolounge! It's a great classic shape, and different enough from the Mahina xs to justify keeping it!!

    I have the mono. Boulonge, and love it for when I don't want an oversized shoulder bag!

    PS the Mahina xs is beautiful, congrats!
  3. Keep the Boulonge! I think it's a classic too..and I do think that the Mini Lin Ebony suits everything like how the Mono suits everything.
  4. i would never get rid of a boulonge. its really a comfy bag, perfect for everyday and perfect for when one has kids. ( ONE MUST HAVE HANDS FREE AT ALL TIMES!!)