Goodbye Madeline... Hello Bridgit!!!

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  1. Today I returned my black Madeline business tote and ordered a platinum bridgit!!!

    Ladies debating over the metallic Bridgit get it now! There were only 22 left in JAX when I ordered!!!

    [​IMG] :love:

    I decided after MUCH deliberation that the Madeline was just too structured for me. The straps were kinda annoying to me. I just didn't LOVE it, ya know? Since I have not officially used it out of the house yet I just decided to get rid of it.

    I can't wait to get the Bridgit! I had it overnighted to make sure I get it by Wednesday so I can have it for the wedding I am going to on Saturday (We are leaving Thursday for the out of town wedding)

    I also got the Miranda mini signature sphere on ball chain necklace today. I love it! I don't ever wear gold tone jewelry but I guess I will start. Should I get the earrings or is that overkill?


    The Madeline and Bridgit were an even exchange.. and I used the $50 coupon... the total came out to $80. I had some more Coach credit that I used so I didn't spend one red cent today. That's a nice feeling :wlae:

    Here is my bad necklace modeling pic. Enjoy!

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  2. You are so pretty! I love your cat in the background too haha! Great job not spending any money! I love the look of the madeline but it just isn't for me... I like a bag I can just throw on my shoulder hehe.. the bridgit is gorgeous and YAY that you get to take it to a wedding! Congrats, I like the necklace too!
  3. Yay!!! I love the bridgit and the necklas looks wonderful on you! Congrats!
  4. Im so happy you found a bag you love! But Im afraid Im always gonna be a Madeline girl!
  5. Thanks!

    I love the way the Madeline looks.. It just didn't feel right on me.. maybe the business size was just too big. I'll try again sometime I am sure. :smile:

  6. Aww, thank you. :shame:
  7. Congrats on that Bridgit! You're gonna look pretty hot at the wedding with her!
  8. that's so cool... i hope you enjoy your bridgit!!
  9. :yahoo::love::girlsigh:aahmazing! Perfect for a wedding, very suitable for more occasions than that. Congratulations.

    hmmmm . . . there are only a handful of Metallic Bridgits posted here at TPF . . . and 22 left in stock . . .
  10. I'm glad that you were able to find a bag that you love! Congrats -- the metallic is gorgeous!!
  11. Congrats on your new Bridget!!!
  12. Beautiful bag, so elegant.
  13. You will outshine the Bride with your Metallic Bridgit, it's so Gorgeous!!!:tup:

    Have a safe trip & enjoy the wedding...
  14. I'm glad it all worked out for the best
  15. Wow, the Bridgit is STUNNING and the necklace looks great on you! Congrats!