goodbye love handles???

  1. So.. I have a gala to go to next month and I've been dying to wear my new dress but there's just one problem. My LOVE HANDLES! They have got to go! I am average weight, maybe a little more to thin side that I would like to be so I don't want to do much cardio but I've heard that you must in order to lose stomach fat?? Is this true? I find it odd that some average weight celebrities have abs yet they aren't super thin. How can I achieve this without getting a trainer? Any exercises besides crunches? or certain foods to stay away from?
    Thanks for the help ladies :smile:
  2. Cardio is the only way. If you do sit-ups you will get bigger abs, but you won't get rid of the fat. You can't target a specific part of your body and just lose weight there. Most people think you can, but unfortunately that's a myth.
  3. You could also cheat... and use spanx ???
  4. Do cardio but add in some weights so that the metabolic demand on your body speeds up the fat burning. dont forget the health diet, too!
  5. Rain12 is right. Cardio is the #1 way of getting rid of fat.. and added to the cardio you can do crunches and also work your obliques out and maybe some hyperextension exercises for the lower back.

    Unfortunately stomach fat and love handles are one of the hardest areas to lose so be patient and you will see results! goodluck.
  6. uchh, my lovehandles are my nemesis.
  7. hahah spanx, thats a great idea!

    booo dieting, lol, just focus on working at reducing body fat slowly and surely.
  8. Cardio and NO processed foods.
  9. Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners and excess sodium. All bloaters. Eat lots of fiber filled veggies and almonds. Drink, drink, drink water. Tons of cardio. Patience. Spanx...they are miracle workers.

    Relax and enjoy your big event. Confidence makes a woman beautiful!

  10. absolutely.
  11. I got rid of mine doing leg raises, leg press and ab machines (1/2 hour total dedication to the stomach area)!
    Stay away from alcoholic, sweet and salty beverages as the stomach retain these waters.

    I heard that intense running is great to get rid of "love handles".
  12. here's the easy way out. FREAKING AMAZING

    I went from a 4 to a 2

    so i guess the radio frequency heats up the fat and it breaks up pockets of fat and helps smooth is out and tightens up the skin. The heat subdermally causes whats perceived as a trauma so the body responds by building collagen. I went from a 27 inch waist to a 25 1/2 in my first treatment. No diet, no pain, felt like a deep, warm, massage. I also got it on my thighs and lost 2 inches. :biggrin: But that took 4 full treatments. WORTH every penny
  13. velashape before and after..

  14. it's so hard because i love sweets! I tried to give up sugar (sort of) but now I have to get rid of sweetener ?? :sad: My love handles aren't very bad but could def afford to shed 5 lbs. I am serious about losing them so I will listen to you guys!
  15. I've heard the same thing, in order to get rid of the tummy pouch you have to do cardio and cut back on sugar. UGH! I have such a sweet tooth and when I havent had something sweet in a while I go crazy! I dont know how I can cut back :confused1: