Goodbye Guys~ *Sniff*

  1. Adieu everyone~

    As much as I love being here, I think that it's time for me to go into quarantine from tPF for a while. I've jacked up spending by more than what I usually go by and it's very, very bad. :crybaby:

    I just saw my CC bill and I almost fainted... :sos: so, I think I need a bit of detox and self-control. I mean, I won't be completely quitting tPF but I won't be logging on as often as I do now... I think this is the only way of Purse-Ban for me...

    See you guys soon~! Wish me luck on my Detox programme~!:drinks:

    I love this place!
  2. aww bags life! don't go! I'm on a moratorium too! I just stay out of the marketplace and threads that talk only about bags. (well, I try anyway). come to the VIP lounge!
  3. i know how you feel - good luck!
  4. Nooo Essa.. I hope you come back soon, just give DH some puppy eyes. :graucho:
  5. awwwww I wish you the best of luck with everything!! we will miss you....come back when you feel the time is right!!
  6. yeah, and talk to Selena about other ideas as well....:graucho: :graucho: :graucho: :roflmfao:
  7. good God, i wish i had your willpower:hysteric:
  8. ^ Thanks everyone... I'm going to miss all of you *Sob*

    bagsnshoofetish, that's my problem! I can't stay out and seeing the stuff there makes me head to eBay and then makes me bid on stuff and then I pay!! *Wail*

    ayla, DH saw the bill and he didn't even say a thing. He just looked at me and sighed... you know, the kind of behavior someone does when he's really sort of... depressed? I am really feeling very guilty right now...
  9. Aww. We will miss you! But I completely understand! This place really feeds the need to spend $$$! See you back soon!

  10. Knee pads??:lol:

    Good luck with the detox..I don't think I can quit from PF..cheers to that [​IMG]
  11. Good luck with the ban! Come see us sometimes!
  12. for starters.....and love your signature!
  13. Good luck girl.....check in every now again to say hi...
  14. Miss you lots!! And I know EXACTLY how you're feeling....
  15. Awww, we'll miss you.
    Take all the time you need, come by the GD & celeb threads sometime.
    Good luck, I admire your fortitude.