Goodbye fraying Carly...awaiting the arrival of my new Legacy purse!

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  1. Yesterday, I took my Carly in to see if the fraying was bad enough to warrant store credit. It had very minor fraying on the top and bottom corners. The SA told me to go ahead and pick out another purse I wanted. YAY! I was thinking about getting a patent crimson Zoe, but had been eying the Legacy purse from the fall catalog. I decided on the Legacy in gray.


    It will look cute with my gray skinny mini:yahoo:(Thanks to another tPF member who posted the Item #, I was able to order it through JAX)


    I don't know if I can wait the 5-7 days!!!

    Oh and the SA also told me that they will be releasing a patchwork Zoe. The pictures I saw were a bronze/gold colored patchwork. Very pretty.
  2. Yay, I'm glad that you were able to trade in that fraying carly. I traded mine in yesterday too. I got the Hamptons Carryall in Berry and the matching wallet. It made me very sad to say goodbye to my siggie carly but I can't deal with worrying about fraying and babying my bag even more than I do. The bag you ordered is stunning. Can't wait to see pictures. Please post a thread when you get it. Congrats and enjoy.
  3. Thank you! It was actually your post I read that made me run to coach with the Carly lol. I will definitely post pics up when I get her :tup:
  4. Love that gray Legacy and the mini skinny! Can't wait to see pics.
  5. Congrats! Did they give you any hassle trading in your Carly or say they wouldn't be doing it anymore? I find that hard to believe but it is a concern. :nuts:
  6. The SAs were very nice and told me that the fraying has been a big issue. They just looked it over to make sure that wasn't due to normal wear...but, I have sigs that are a few years old and they haven't frayed. But to answer your question, the SAs at the boutique I went to were very nice and didn't give me a hard time about exchanging my purse.
  7. That's good to hear since I am really crushing on the Carlys lately and plan to buy one if I can find one at the outlets on my trip but I am really worried about the fraying! Congrats on your new legacy--can't wait to see pics of it! :yes:
  8. Good choice!
    Its too bad all these Carlys are fraying - one of my friends has one and while its not fraying that much, the leather is actually coming apart! Very strange - & it is authentic since I saw her buy it from a boutique. :S
  9. Oh ChristaRose, I can't wait to see yours!!
  10. The white looks like a nice clean crisp white. :yes: