Goodbye Chanel!

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  1. When I found this fourm a few months ago I thought I had died and gone to heavan. I had finally found a site that had everything I wanted, however looking at all your beautiful goodies caused me to buy 4 Chanel bags and accesories. My bank balance has really been affected, as has my relationship. I also was getting annoyed at Chanel with their increasing prices and IMO poor qualilty. I have the bags I want and I felt if I keep coming here I will be tempted to spend yet more money on things I don't really need. So I have decided that I will no longer be buying from Chanel for a long time and will only be visiting once and a while. I dont like the new changes and I need to spend more time with my family and sorting out going back to university. I will miss you guys, take care x:crybaby:
  2. Awww.. That's bad to hear! I know the bank balance is really hard to keep, when there's a Chanel around.. Oh well.. I guess saving is better than shopping! :biggrin: How about getting once in a while? Will that be a help? :biggrin:
  3. Aweeeeeeeeeee Cammy, sorry to hear all this, but yes saving money is important too and so is your relationship, once you graduate you can always come back into the fold.

    Hope you stop by once every so often.
  4. please check in when you can, :yes:but i completely understand...your financial health and personal relationships should def come first! best to you!:flowers:
  5. Good luck, I understand where you are coming from, this is all still very new to me and one thing I must say is that everyone is really helpful and gives you their views, I spend way too much time on here. If I didnt, I am sure I would spend much more money buying things without advice from the TPF's!
    I wish you lots of luck and make sure you check in from time to time to say Hi!
  6. oh i so get that! i have bought countless lv. hermes and chanel things since joining the mp. it's not good. i bought 3 chanel bags in a month. who am i? good luck with going to school!
  7. Good luck. I'm sure that you will sort through it all.
  8. I can totally relate. Not that anyone is to blame but myself but since joining this forum 6 mos ago I have purchased 3 bags: a chanel reissue, a louie vuitton and a balanciaga ($3,000 total). Also hit the chanel counter and spent about $400-500 on makeup! Very bad for my charges! It is fun though to finally relate to people that have the same things in common.
  9. Sorry to hear that.. I know how you feel.. I had to let it go a few months ago, but I am back in action FULL FORCE..
    I started a thread a while about this forum contributing to alot of chanels new sales.. A few bags I know I would not have bought had I not seen this forum.. Its a good thing...
    We wish you luck and hold on tight to those 4 bags !
  10. Cammy, we will miss you dearly! We'll still be here for you when you are ready to come back. Wear your four chanel bags in good health!!! :smile:
  11. Smart's always a good thing when you know your limitations and take a little break;)....enjoy the beautiful bags that you have and good luck with school!!!
  12. hey see ya when u get back this place is addicitng
  13. miss u ...
  14. it's easy for a lot of people to get wrapped up. . .
    it's good to take a break and reprioritize sometimes.
    Bets of luck, we'll still be here if you can make your way back :biggrin:
  15. Sorry to hear you're leaving us, but come check back soon! It's easy to get wrapped up at first, but as long as you keep your desires on a (relatively) short leash, we should still be able to enjoy each other's company! You will be missed.