Goodbye Birkins, Hello Epi Neverfull!


Jan 20, 2008
Pardon the length of this post, but I need to share.

I've been an Hermes customer for 14 years, despite the customer-unfriendly attitude, constantly changing "rules" and eye-popping prices. I have a lovely Birkin collection, including several special orders, and have enjoyed carrying them despite
their weight and the inconvenience of not having the option to put them on my shoulder. At some point, it was more about being able to "get" the bags than their relevancy to my lifestyle.

I've never even considered LV - have never been a fan of the "initialed" bags -- but three weeks ago I was walking past the LV shop in our mall and saw the Epi Neverfull mm. Something clicked in my mind and I walked in to take a look. What I saw was a lovely, understated, well-made bag that was light, even with my tons of stuff in it, and fit on my shoulder.

Of course, I chose the black since I wanted something that would be an everyday bag. And three weeks later, I haven't put my Neverfull down, and have no desire to. The birkins sit quietly on my shelf, and I can't imagine how I might want to use them again.

xxxx. I'm a Neverfull convert!
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Dec 22, 2007
I think Louis' new styles are pulling lots of us back in. I had become a Chanel girl and have bought and carried nothing but Chanel for the last several year. Then...I saw the Epi you stopped in to check it out. Loved it...but ended up buying a new Empriente Speedy...which I havent stopped carrying since. Epi Neverfull is next on my list :smile:. Which color did you get??


Dec 15, 2005
I love LV Epi! I don't have a black one yet but that will be next. So classy. I hope you enjoy your new LV for many years.
I have never been interested in owning a Birkin. Hand held and heavy combination would drive me crazy. Made that mistake before. ... Would like the small Kelly with a shoulder strap., eventually.
Will you do a reveal of your new NF? would love to see pictures.


May 2, 2013
Thats so awesome to hear. I am dying to get an epi neverfull, but DH didn't like it so I got an alma bb and sevigne clutch instead. As content with these two bags as I am, I cannot get the epi neverfull out of my mind. Thank goodness x-mas is coming. LOL :graucho:


Jan 18, 2006
Great bag!! I bought one in July for my 40th b-day in the Cyan color and love it!! The NF was the second Epi piece in my collection and now I'm a declared fan of Epi leather. As of today I have acquired two more Epi pieces (Petit Noe in Black and a Figue Pochette is on her way) after buying the NF. Congratulations.

On a last note: If I ever buy a Birkin is definitively going to be the Birkin JPG since, if I'm not mistaken, it can be carried as a shoulder bag.


Mar 9, 2008
congrats and welcome! you won't find any argument here, lol! i have to say that i love carrying my lv's because for the most part they are very lightweight and work for my lifestyle. so many styles for different purposes, ie crossbody, handheld, shoulder, clutch. glad you wandered into lv territory. hope you enjoy your neverfull!