Goodbye bags (some) I need to make room for others.

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  1. Well my friends are having a garage sale on Saturday and asked me to join.

    Even though I didn't want to I have to make room for others (francine, metallic carly, patent gigi).

    Not all are coach but they all deserve a nice goodbye. It's going to hurt but don't really need them.
    P2120101.JPG P2120093.JPG P2120095.JPG P2120092.JPG P2120091.JPG
  2. the others
    P2120096.JPG P2120097.JPG P2120099.JPG
  3. Good for you!! It's sad now, but you'll definitely get over it!! It's better for these bags to go to loving homes where they'll be used often rather than sit in your closet. ^_^ I sold a bunch of my bags recently and even though it was hard I'm totally fine now!
  4. I am sure they'll find new homes where they'll loved and cherished.
  5. I love the patent Gigi. Patent is my new love...I didn't like it before but then I saw it IRL and it was :love: Soon good luck and raise some funds for some new loves!
  6. I just returned a Camel Lily, Black Shopper, SIgnature/black small hobo, Black Felicia, exchanged a medium Black Lily for the Camel one (4 days later), AND sold 3 bags on eBay in the last two weeks.

    I am also trying to clean out the closet!
  7. That is so good for you to do. I really need to follow in your footsteps and sell some of my older bags that I no longer use.
  8. good for you! :tup: That can be hard but I usually do that when I get a new bag too.. we can only wear one at a time anyway. :p I have to tell you though that Chelsea Hobo I love! I had one and sold it and kind of regret it! :rolleyes: And the second set on the left, the teal color, what brand is that? :shrugs: Good Luck on your sales! :tup:
  9. thank you girls I know it's the right thing but what if they aren't appreciated?

    LOL I know I know

    maybe eBay? at least i know the person who buys it really wants it.
  10. Yep -I'm doing the cleaning out the closet thing and selling a lot on eBay - big garage sale coming too as soon as the weather gets decent!! My closet is already looking nicer and I've had funds to buy some really nice bags lately!!
  11. It's the Michael Kors Astor in blue, the leather is so yummy.
  12. It LOOKS yummy! :drool:
  13. I've never been so fortunate to find a garage sale with Coach bags. Can you really get the prices you want for them that way? Hope so!
  14. you are so brave to do this. i don't think I could ever part with any of my bags.
  15. bye bye lovely coaches :crybaby: