Good with your Hands?

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  1. Hey Yall

    If you enjoy being creative, and like to use your hands, check out this cool site. I was able to make this cool quilt, and I just started making belts and handbags. Just thought I would pass the message.


    RJR Fabrics - MakeItYou

    (here's my quilt )
  2. Like the colors you chose in your quilt.I've never tried quilting but I love doing counted cross stitch & knitting.
  3. COOL!!!
    I've always wanted to do stuff like that...
    I used to do cross stitch and paper tole.
    Have never used a sewing machine before,
    not even basic stuff, but would like to learn.:nuts:
    Thanks for sharing!!! :yes: cool quilt!
  4. beautiful quilt.. def something i dont have time for though :sad:
  5. interesting first post that has nothing to do w/ handbags. . . . I'll close this for now as I suspect it's just advertising.
    laluver, PM me if you can prove me wrong. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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