good way to clean your bag?

  1. i swear i've tried everything. tide pen, stain removers, soap. there is this pretty decent sized patch on my inferno bv that is just dirtier than the rest and so far nothing is making it any cleaner. i'm afraid i'm using so much stuff on it and it's going to become faded. any help?
  2. mr clean magic erasers o.o?
  3. i don't own those but i should probably pick some up if you think they will work. i just sprayed some shout on it and i'm letting it sit there for a bit idk if that's a good idea or not
  4. thanks but all of those posts basically suggest the tide pen and scotchguarding. i've already used the tide pen and i don't want the scotchguard to lock in the stain even more. the soap was suggested also and that didn't work either.
  5. aw ok.. i was hoping something on those threads would help.. hmmm hopefully someone can suggest something else different!
  6. Mr. Clean...Mr. Clean...Mr. Clean... You've gotta get the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers :yes:. Trust me that'll work. :tup: It's the only thing I'll use to clean my Tokis!
  7. since it was suggested twice i'm definitely going to look out for it thanks
  8. I'm currently using the mr clean magic erasers everyday to remove the yellow stain I have on my friend's AS denaro.. I feel so bad about it that I'm trying the best I can to remove it! The yellow is fading a bit.. so I hope its working! Other than the yellow part, it cleans really well too! And there's no chemical or stuff like that. Simply wet it, wring it out, and wipe your toki. I think I'm gonna stick to the magic erasers from now on.. its safe for my bags :push:

    OH! there's also Oxyclean on-the-go spray thing. I havent tried it on a stain on my tokis yet but my cousin had a red jello stain on her white DS lite and it removed it all off! Try it if the magic erasers dont work.
  9. The Mr. Clean worked on my AS bag for the most part. One stain it did not get out but i think that was ink.
  10. idk if i can find mr clean here? all i see is tide i gotta go hunting...:biggrin:
  11. Good luck Vmasterz, let us know if you find it. :graucho:
  12. Yep, I have tried the erasers, they work! but nothing is more gentle that some detergent and a wash cloths
  13. I am gonna try this...looks good :tup: