Good walking/running shoes?

  1. I'm starting my exercise regimen soon (thanks for all your help) and now need to invest on good walking/running shoes. Any suggestions?
  2. I am a runner, so I am a shoe geek. :smile:

    You have to buy the proper type for your feet, especially for running.
    Feet are either neutral (need no control), pronate (foot rolls inward, needs motion control, too much pronation leads to things like shinsplints and ITBS), or supinate (don't roll inward enough, and as a result do not absorb shock properly, need a super cushioned shoe with lateral support). It is very difficult to tell what you are, the best bet is to go to a running specialty store (not Sportmart or Footlocker) and have then analyze your gait. The right shoes are critical, you will get injured and then discouraged if you try to run in the wrong shoes. Running is the best! The only equipment you need are a good pair of shoes, and you can do it anywhere. Some of my best sightseeing has been on my runs while on vacation.
  3. new balance 991s are my favorite!

    They come in black, grey, pink, and white- as well as different widths. I own the grey pair and I absolutely love them. You probably want to check out what sort of feet you have before you make your purchase though. Here's a link that would help you out.

    I hate to sound like a dork, but getting the right shoes are important so you don't injure yourself in the longrun.
  4. Wow, thanks Lucrezia. The main reasons why I hated running are wrong shoes and sportsbras that have no support. You're very helpful. Thanks again and see you soon :biggrin:
  5. Wow lucrezia! Thanks~!! My shoes are about a year old now.. I may have to update!
  6. Update! You should retire your shoes after about 300-400 miles. At least for running, I retire them to casual/yardwork status.
  7. Well, I possess no boobage, so I can't help you in that regard.
    I can't wait to meet you all. :biggrin:
  8. There is a place by me that fits your shoes to your feet... it is great. If you have flat feet- Asics are great for that- good support.
  9. I couldn't agree more about Asics! I have flat feet, and I bought a pair back in August. I LOVE them. They provide great support and give me more of an "arch". I went to a shoe store here that does custom fitting for running and gym shoes :nuts:
  10. I run in adidas supernova classics. You need to go to a "real" running store--usually a smaller, specialty store and be fitted there. Different shoes are good for different feet and different kinds of runners. Good luck.
  11. Exactly what I did! It took away my knee pain that I have.

    I would suggest trying to find a store that will custom fit you- that makes the most sense and will help you the most on your hunt for good shoes!
  12. I recommend going to Fleet Feet. They will analyze your gait and help you choose the proper shoes. I've been to several of their stores throughout Northern CA over the years and I have always received great service!