Good update for this Fall & Winter?

  1. I am trying to aim for the French classic look but I saw this in the store and I wanted to get your opinion if I should purchase this.
    My body type is a pear and can this cardigan look good on me?

    Is there a rule on what type of cut of pants I need to wear with this?

    Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. Well, I was really hoping someone would comment if that cardigan was a good choice. I guess no one liked it?:confused1:

    Today I went out and bought Micheal Kors and Stuart Weitzman shoes in black (I haven't owned black shoes in three years because I got so bored of them) and two cardigans (one from LV [sorry no picture] and another from Banana Republic (picture posted above), one green tank top and a short sleeve top (sorry, no pictures).

    Here are some pictures...

  3. I actually really like that cardigan. The loose-knotted tie is a nice detail. I'd suggest wearing it with a short-sleeved, crew neck blouse in black with gray, slightly wide-leg pants. It really helps in pulling the weight of the outfit down and I think that as long as they aren't too wide, they will look great.
  4. Thank you. I got the cardigan but not the exact one. The one I got has 3/4 length sleeve so it is more wearable in the winter.
  5. i don't like the tie thing in the frongt for the cardigan but i like the sleeves. but because it is short sleeve it wouldn't be much use.
  6. I'm glad I got the 3/4 length one instead. Thanks :smile:
  7. I like the idea of that cardigan with grey or black more flowing wider leg pants to balance it out.
  8. Actually I just bought the same one in a dark bluish color yesterday at Banana, I also bought the same cami in the dark bluish color (not online), I love them together. Perfect for casual wear. I thought it looked pretty flattering on me. p.s.- the cami shown is really wonderful, it's available in the store in about 12 colors, it's really comfy and flattering. I wear cami's under almost everything, I've already bought it in 6 different colors.
  9. I love that cardigan. I would pair it with a pretty cami, wide leg trousers and pumps.

    I also love everything else you bought. Good choices :tup:
  10. Nice cardigan and don't worry about the short sleeve as it has a shape to it... pair a long "romantic" sleeved shirt with cuff underneath to complete the fall look of 2007!

    Trendy! Kinda school-boy chic! If there is a grey... its the IN color!
    7.jpg 4-1.jpg 4.jpg 16.jpg
  11. I think the cardigan sounds great for you as long as you are smallish on top. Good choices.
  12. I love cardigans like that and I'm also pear shapped. I find that they help to balance me out.
  13. I like that cardigan and I agree with lolitakali.
  14. I was kind of indifferent with the cardigan. I think the idea of it is cute but the ties just seem to hang without really adding much. your shoes are cute!
  15. hi purses!
    i am glad you got the 3/4 length sleeve one, i think that will be nicer for your shape.