good undereye and blemish concealer?

  1. Looking for the above, read Lancome Effacernes was good but has a hefty price tag, anything a bit cheaper??

    Also looking for a pressed powder and foundation...I think I am going with MAC blot and/ or Too faced for the powder. Still looking for that foundation but may go with Chanels Teint Innocence but once again hefty price tag, any cheaper routes??
  2. I use Bourjois Illuminating Concealer Pen for under eyes and Lola Concealer stick for blemishes. I love both of them!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Actually, ELF has GREAT concealer, and it's like $2. I've tried Clinique, Chanel and every brand in between, and ELF has worked the best for me!
  4. Bobbi Brown concealer. A small tub but lasts forever. Good coverage too.
  5. Oooh. I would never have thought to try that, but now I will! I currently use Cle de Peau concealer and YSL Touche Eclat highlighter/concealer, and they both work well for me, but they are pricey. I'm psyched for the $2 experiment!
  6. I've always used Prescriptives Camouflage cream. They match the tone and the shade, so it blends well. It's better for covering blemishes than for under the eyes because it is on the thick side. For under my eyes I use Physician's Formula under-eye concealer. It's called Cover Tox Ten, I think, and is supposed to help with wrinkles.
  7. Shisiedo, love it!
  8. Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer. By far the best thing I have found!
  9. These are my favorites too! Just don't forget to use the setting powder under your eyes, or your mascara will run onto it.
  10. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat.
  11. ^^ YSL - I finally bought this after hearing such great feedbacks from everyone here and I concur that it is the best undereye concealer I've used! Goes on very smoothly! However, it is quite expensive - $50approx. But you only need to use a bit each time so this highlighter will last a good several months which equals to approx. $12 per month! :idea:
  12. Thirding the recommendation for YSL: TE; it's just fantastic. I find it works particularly well if you use Kiehl's Eye Alert before you put it on. I seem to have terrible panda eye problems, but those two make a huge difference.
  13. You might want to try a L'Oreal concealer, as that's the drugstore version of Lancome.

    BUT....I agree the Lancome Effacernes was a little pricey, however it lasts FOREVER and just might be worth it! Seriously, I just need a tiny dab under each eye and I blend with my foundation and I'm all set.