good tote for college needed!

  1. Hi all! I am looking for a large tote to carry my books in this fall at school. Last year I carried a Vera, but this year I want something a little nicer. I was thinking that I would like a brown leather one, but I haven't found one yet that I really like. I was also considering a Herve or a Longchamp, but the downfall to those is practically EVERY girl at school has one, and I would like something a little different. Help! Any ideas!?!?!? I did notice that Nordstrom has L.A.M.B bags on their anniversary sale and I thought maybe I would get one of the larger cheetah print bags. Suggestions?
  2. I love the huge Longchamp totes, despite the fact that everyone has one. They're SO cute, I've heard they're extremely durable as well! And the price is unbeatable, IMO!
  3. yeah despite the fact that everyone has a longchamp tote, i still think it's the most practical for school since it's light and very durable. you're going to be lugging around books already and don't need the extra weight of a heavier bag.
  4. I bought this for school this year, but i'm only taking 2 classes. It's big enough for 2 text books and a notebook and little stuff like ID, pens, etc. It's a cheapy so if it doesn't work out it won't be a big deal