Good to see

  1. I'm watching QVC (if the stores are close, I shop TV/internet. So bad!! Haha!) And I just felt happy to see there's plus size models on it! (I usually don't ever watch the clothing shows because for clothes I like to try it on, and I hate to return things if I don't have to, shipping can get expensive!) I myself am not plus size (a size 0 is sometimes still too big) but my bestfriend is plus size, and I just is really good to see a plus size model on TV!! It's hard to clothing shop with her because she's about a XXXL size (I think?) And we can't bond over a lot of things (ie. theme parks because she cannot fit), so it just feels good to know I can watch it with her!! :tup: I don't know, just thought I would share!! :angel: