Good tip for those scammed by Ebay

  1. If you pay via Paypal and are sold a fake, or have another issue you obviously file a claim. If the seller wins the claim despite your evidance, do not bother appealing. Even if you win the appeal, Paypal only send an email to the seller "asking" to refund your money. Paypal does not have any recourse to take the money back from the seller.

    So, what can you do? Call Paypal customer service and nicely, politely explain your situation. Then mention filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (again nicely). Per their employee guidelines, your case is immediatly reviewed by a senior agent. Paypal offered me 1/2 money of the claim back (out of their pocket). I accepted because I have the handbag in my possession (I am going to have it professionally repaired and then try to sell it again).

    I guess you truely do catch more flies with honey! :p

    Just a tip....I hope that helps!
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  9. thanks becca, does anyone know what UK people would use instead of better business bureau? As it prob wont work here!

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  13. What great advice, thanks so much for sharing. I will be interested to hear of anyone in the UK who tries this over here too.
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