Good time today at Hermés South Coast Plaza!

  1. So I finally ventured into the Hermés boutique today to inquire about the Piccolo pencil case as well as a 4/6 keyholder that I've been inquiring about for a while. Had a really good time because for once I wasn't ignored when I went in or followed relentlessly. A male SA came to help me and he's having a brighton piccolo and black lizard keyholder transferred in for me to look at. Really excited because I've been meaning to buy something to celebrate because I got accepted into FIDM in LA for Fashion Design last week! :yahoo:Oh yeah for inquiring minds there is a 25cm rouge croc Birkin with white gold hardware and diamonds. Stunning in person. Just wanted to share my fun experience today with you all who understand! Have a good Easter weekend everyone!!! [FONT=&quot][/FONT]
  2. Very nice!!! Congratulations on your new purchases!!
  3. CONGRATS! you deserve to celebrate with a little H booty.
  4. Congrats on your acceptance!!! It's great to hear that your experience was so great at SCP!
  5. :yahoo: Congrats!!! Glad you had a fun time! :yahoo:
  6. Glad you had a great time at SCP! The staff is great! Please share pics when you get your new H stuff!
  7. Can we see? Please? Pretty please?!
  8. Well, congratulations! Treat yourself to something H!!!
  9. Congrats on your acceptance and your new H purchases! Can't wait to see the photos of your piccolo and keyholder
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!! You definitely need to treat yourself!!
  11. Congratulations!! Glad you had fun!!
  12. The SCP staff is horrible, or at least they were about a year ago. But I am going back to CA to visit next month and will be stopping in, hopefully to buy an Evelyne and maybe a new wallet.

    I just got the Piccolo in Raisin and its too cute for words!

    Congrats on getting accepted to FIDM! We have friends at the OC campus.
  13. Thanks everyone! Yeah usually the staff at South Coast are horrible which is sad because everywhere else they're really nice especially in Hong Kong. Maybe I should just go there for some goodies...haha :graucho:. But it was so nice trying out the piccolo, it was so incredibly soft like butter! :jammin: Hopefully they will be able to transfer in the pieces that I'm looking for, I just hope I'm not too shocked by the price for the keyholder in lizard!
  14. MR. Posh!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Im very happy for you. I'm sure you will excel in every levels. :yahoo:


    You will make a fabulous designer or whatever you wish to do!!!

    What out Nicolas Ghesquiere (of Balenciaga...Mr.Posh Spice haved ARRIVE!!!

    Hermes only....SP (Sporty Spice)
  15. Congratulations all around! That is fabulous!