Good time to sell Nimbus?

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  1. I know about the seller's strike going on, but I'm needing cash- stat!

    Should I wait to list my LV Nimbus or do you think buyers are still looking??? Don't want to pay the fees if it won't sell right now.

    If you think I should wait, when would you ladies estimate eBay traffic will be back to normal? Are nimbus's in anthracite even selling? ugh, questions questions... :shrugs:
  2. eBay traffic is already starting to pick up. The strike didn't really do much. I would wait until the strike is completely over to list it. Just be prepared it might not go for what you want it to.
  3. ugh, I know. I've noticed the lighter color ones aren't really selling
  4. what color is it? i've been interested in a pearl one for a while, but don't want to pay full price. What size?
  5. The strike's end date is the 25th. You can start listing your item the next day (which falls on a Tuesday) with a 5 day auction period. That ends your listing on Sunday-- eBay's optimum selling time.

    Looking at the calendar, it's two days right after the end of the month, which is payday for most people. Might be the best timing for you!

    Good luck! Hope your auction runs as high as it can!
  6. Bellaboo- (I call o ne of my bunnies that LOL). It's not the perale one, it's anthracite
  7. Well, today is the 25th, so if you are in need of cash fast, you could list it today?
  8. yup- planning on it! Well maybe not today. Have to gather the courage, LOL. I'll miss it