Good time to change your ebay password

  1. I had someone hack into my eBay account last night and sent a bunch of spam emails to people selling NOKIA phones in the UK.

    eBay notified me of this and I've since changed all my internet passwords - I'm still getting angry emails from those on the spam list.

    Luckily they didn't bid on anything!

    So I suppose you guys can learn from this and change your internet passwords as often as you can!

    It's just not worth it, once my current transaction is finished, I'm closing my eBay account! :cursing:
  2. How did they get your password though? I don't understand it
  3. They get your passwork through spoof emails, they look just like the real thing and ask you to log on by clicking a link. Some items listed on the ebay site also require you to log on when you click on them, it happened recently when I was looking at purses!
  4. It's odd as I have had nothing happen to my account and ebay sent me a message saying that I had to change my password.
  5. That is scary. Are you sure that the email was from ebay?
  6. some people also send me spam messages offering me fake stuffs.
    when i replied and post in public that i don't buy or sell fakes and please don't send me messages anymore, an ebay member message me saying that he's sorry and that his account is hacked. he reported to ebay though.

    i think he had the same case with u?
  7. I have made it a personal policy to change my ebay password every 30 to 60 days or so. AND I do NOT use the same email address for ebay and PayPal. I use 2 different email addresses. I dont want anyone who may hack intomy ebay account to have access to my paypal info as well.

  8. EBAY DOES NOT DO THIS! I hope you didnt do it.

    I too dont understand how this happens? I never get those emails, but I would never open one anyways.

    So, how does this even happen?
  9. i guess it is about that time. thanks for the reminder! sorry for your trouble there though!
  10. Wow, people are soo dishonest! Thanks for letting us know, ill have a heads up on weird stuff!
  11. good to know! I need to change mine more often
  12. I just got the security key from paypal/ebay. It has a random number generator and I need to key in the number in addition to my password. Hopefully that helps!!