Good thoughts needed!!!!

  1. :hugs:

    No------nothing good or bad. I have searched and called for her, but nothing. I had given in to despair when a completely different kitty showed up at my door this morning. It is a Meezer girl who I hadn't seen in forever. Of course I think she belongs to someone around here, but I hadn't seen her in so long I had totally forgotten about her.
    I have sort of moved on to acceptance..................I always knew that it would be like this with her. I have been thinking about the graveside scene from Out of Africa. I paraphrase it "she wasn't ours. she wasn't mine"
  2. :cry: :hugs:
  3. :hugs::hugs: poopsie.
  4. Hugs poopsie xxx
  5. Great news! I found Adrian this morning.

    I was out on my patio this AM before work and thought I heard a kitty. I finally found her under a home in the row behind me. I went and got the manager and she helped me open a panel so she could get out. She was skitty and wouldn't come close. I put some food and water down for her and she ate so I know she is good there. I had to go to work, but at least I knew she was alive.

    The problem is that she is still under there, meowing like crazy, but she won't come out. I hope she will when it gets dark. I checked and she is moving about freely. She just sits at the vent opening and meows at me.....i can see her clear as day and I don't know why she won't just jump out.

    If worse comes to worse I will have to get Animal Control out early next week and they will have to drag her out.

    But at least I found her!

    btw tomorrow would have been 4 weeks that she was gone
  6. So glad you found her!!!
  7. Great news! I hope she is okay. Could there be kittens in there she doesn't want to leave?
  8. YAY poopsie! so glad we have a happy ending :smile:

  9. No, I don't think so----------I trapped her years ago (it took me a year to do it) and had Feral Cat fix her. She has the tipped ear and I didn't hear any kittens meowing. Adrian has always been a bit of a PITA with her skitty kitty routine. I love her to bits but she can drive you to frustration!
  10. Poopsie,
    I'm so glad you found her alive, and fixed her up with drinks and snacks. :happydance:

    If she's been in the hole a while, the sun may have been too much for her. Could you see if she might have been snagged on a wire or something under the house?

    Miss Adrian,
    Get your little fuzzy butt out of that hole and back on the patio at your own house! :nono:

  11. Thank you!

    No---she is moving freely under their house. I really don't know what else to do at this point. It is dark so maybe she will come out. I have seen her jump from the hood of my car to the top of the storage shed, but she can't (or won't) stand on her hind legs and hop out of the hole? :confused1:
    She won't let anyone (even me) near her to get a hand on her to lift/drag her out. If she doesn't come out on her own this weekend (and it is going to rain) I am going to have to call Animal Control to come out on Tuesday and get her out from under there. I am sure that the owners are NOT going to be very happy about all of this.
  12. She may be weak from a month w/o food and water. Do you have a board or something around that would work as a ramp so she could walk out? If she has a favorite stinky food that you could bribe her with, she might be willing to try the ramp.
  13. wow, it's been a long time! Hope you can get Adrian out quickly.
  14. I thought about that and I do have a board. IDK if she has been under there the entire time though............I have been by there numerous times calling and calling and calling and never heard peep one.
  15. I do like my weekends to start with a miracle! I'm so so happy Miss Adrian is ok and will hopefully be out of that hole and back with her mama very soon. Almost a month later... I wish she could tell us where she's been....
    Really am very relieved poopsie.
    Maia-Annabel thinks Monsters were probably responsible....