Good thoughts needed!!!!

  1. Thank you! :hugs:

    It is just so sad to come home from work and not see her there. :sad:
    Of course I will continue searching for her....................:yes:
  2. Miss Adrian, please come back home. You are a pretty kitty and you are missed very much.

    go home...go home...go home

  3. Oh wow! How did you know that we call her Miss Adrian? :kiss:
  4. Sending many good thoughts and prayers for Adrian's safe and speedy return. She's a beautiful girl.
  5. Still holding good thoughts for you both.....:hugs::hugs:
  6. Sending prayers that Adrian is home soon!

  7. Thank you all so much! :hugs:
  8. Bumping - because Miss Adrian still needs 'Please come home safely' thoughts.....
    {{{hugs}}} poopsie.
  9. I keep hoping I'll read that all is well. Still praying.
  10. Fingers still crossed here. Come home! People miss you.
  11. Adrian, please go home and stop worrying your mommy, she loves you so much!
  12. Feral mommy here. I had one go missing for 3 days last week. One that is always there, so I was insane. Then poof there she was!! Don't give up, I've had them show up after 2 weeks missing.
  13. Thank you........:hugs: has been a horrible week. What with Adrian still missing and the two I posted about in the Bridge thread I have just been a wreck.
    I have expanded my search for Adrian to outside the park. I didn't search today, but I will try again tomorrow.
  14. Still sending "come home" thoughts for Miss Adrian.
  15. Any news poopsie? This is the first thread I look at every time I log on, hoping to hear that Adrian is home.