Good thoughts (again) please

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  1. Morning everyone..

    hope you don't all mind, but, everytime I ask for good thoughts here, you all come up trumps, seriously, and so I'm once again asking for your good wishes.

    One of our cats, Kitty, has once again, gone awol. She was off previously for a week, and after asking, and getting, thank you all!, for your thoughts, she came back!! *YAY*

    However, she's now done another flit, and it's been longer than a week this time, so I'm really, really worried now. Also, bad weather is starting to come in, and I really, really, really, want her home.

    Hopefully, she's holed up in front of someone's fire, with a kindly person feeding, and giving her cuddles.

    I'm out every evening, in the snow and rain, shouting myself hoarse, hopeing she'll come back. To be honest, it's sort of keeping me going that the weather is, and has been, so bad, as I know she'll be keeping herself out of the rain, and won't venture out till the rain stops.

    So, once again, apologies for the ramble, but I'm just hoping Kitty will get home soon,

  2. I am so sorry you have lost your cat, have you asked people in the neighbourhood to check their Sheds/outbuilding, or just see if they have seen her. Have you contacted animal centers to see if she if their or put up notices?
  3. Sorry to hear about Kitty, hope you'll be reunited with her soon.
  4. I hope your kitty will be home soon. One of my cats was missing for a little over two weeks. We put up pictures of her on trees and after two weeks we saw her in our neighbours garden. She was probably locked in somewhere and in shock, because she didn't realise where she was. She was fine after a couple days.

    I will keep your kitty in my thoughts.
  5. Thanks everyone, it really makes a difference.

    I've been out knocking on doors. We're quite rural, so not too many neighbours, main problem is big sheds, but as they're mainly cow/sheep sheds, not usually a problem with the cats getting in or out.

    Once again, fingers crossed, she'll be home soon. Sun is actually shining today for the first time in an age, so if she's going to attempt a trip home, hopefully today will be the day!

    I'll keep you updated,

    thanks again,

  6. Hope she makes her way home to you soon
    (and I bet you're right - she's holed up in front of somebody else's fire. Cats can be such con artists!)
    Sending you good thoughts!
  7. Good thoughts being sent your way for kitty!
    My cat Daisy used to dissapear for a week at a time and it would scare us so bad, she'd show up dirty and hungry and needing cuddles. Silly girl.
  8. I'm so sorry--I would be worried to death about my pet. Prayers to you and kitty for a happy outcome. (((hugs)))
  9. I am so sorry about your kitty, I had a dog who would go on "trips" for a week at a time, it would scare the crap out of me, come to find out he had a girlfriend about 1/2 mile down the road. I am sure everything will be ok!!
  10. I hope kitty comes home soon...and you get some kittie kisses!