Good things come in threes!

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  1. What darling bags you've recently gotten!! Love the little luncheon ones!:tender: I know that style came in a pure white...maybe that's the next color you need!

    Congrats christeeny!!:tup:
  2. ...why have I never seen these styles?! I feel like I've been missing out--they're so CUTE!
  3. So cute!
  4. Congrats! I Love this line with the leather/chain straps. . .so so so cute!
  5. What a lovely little collection! I have the chain hobo (Frankie?) as well, but in black not yellow, and I just love it. Excellent finds!
  6. ^ Is it called a Frankie?? Maybe we've solved the name mystery!! Ohhh black sounds pretty!! Do you have any pics?

    Thanks again everyone for saying nice things :smile:
  7. ^ Oh and do you know what year it was when you bought it?
  8. My bad, the Frankie hobo is actually a different older style bag that I have. But I do have the chain hobo in black like your yellow, although I have no idea what the official name is or what year it was made because I bought mine on ebay. I would take a picture for you if I knew how to. :rolleyes: Someday I'll take the time learn to upload photos!
  9. Wow! Congrats!!