Good things come in threes!

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  1. A lovely trio of little cuties! I have never seen the style of the pink and black bags before; they're truly adorable. Congratulations!
  2. What a wonderful story. :crybaby:

    They are beautiful. Congrats! :P
  3. those lil luncheon bags are adorable!
  4. Very cute!
  5. Thanks for all the compliments ladies!! Now I just gave myself more competition if more of these babies pop up on the bay!!

    Anyways... I'm not sure why I didn't do this sooner but I have e-mailed the sellers of these bags to try to find out when they purchased them & if they remember what they were called. I'll keep everyone posted!!
  6. Those are all so cute! What a great steal on the Louise! :tup:
  7. Love your new little cuties! Congrats!
  8. they are so pretty, i love all the colors... congrats!!!
  9. gorgeous bags, you did good! cheers!
  10. The girl who I bought the small frame luncheons thinks it had to have been at least 5 years ago that she got them (from saks) and the pink one she thinks was called salmon.

    that's all the info I have for now!

    Has anyone ever e-mailed mj with a question like this? (obviously not the real mj...but the headquarters) maybe someone would be nice enough to answer me!
  11. So adorable!! Love those bags. You got the Louise at a steal, congrats!
  12. Congrats! Love the triplets!
  13. wow!!! nice purchases
  14. Aw those are all adorable, and gorgeous colours.
    They compliment each other nicely! congrats!
  15. Oh, I totally love these! Congrats!!! :tender: