Good things come in threes!

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  1. ...And the best things come in small packages!!

    I just wanted to share my new little MJ's that came this past week.

    (I was very naughty on ebay!)

    First came my little "luncheon" bag! I saw it and knew my yellow chain hobo needed a I BINed it at 150 thinking I could use the live discount... well you know how that goes, it wasn't working. But it was so cute & the seller is great so it was worth it. It's in just about perfect condition. Soft leather on the outside & fabulous suede on the inside!


    Then... while staying up really late studying... at about 2am, this little louise popped up on ebay with a BIN of $54.00! Sooo I justified it somehow in my head and she was mine! Previously owned but In perfect condition too and she had saved the tags!

    The next freakin day.... this fella shows up- same seller as the first one! Apparently one was her moms & one was hers, and after hearing that story I just had to keep them together! (tip... if you want to sell bags, just include sentimental stories to reel in the sappy buyers like me! lol) Again, decided not to work that day.

    here are my 3 little babies all together..

    and here is my growing collection of the chain link styles! I am in love with these bags! I wish someone would sell that mega hobo in a different color on ebay! I do not need any more pink bags!

    The end!
  2. Ohhhh, so pretty! Congrats!!!
  3. What cute bags!!! I love all the colors you got! I think the luncheon bag is my favorite...such a nice bag!!!!
  4. cute, cute, cute! :girlsigh:
  5. Love the color of that first bag and you can't beat that second BIN with a stick! The chain link bags are really cool! Very unique and eye catching! Great collection, great deals! Congrats:tup:
  6. wow, beautiful colors! congrats!! :tup:
  7. Those are incredibly cute! I love the chain links!
  8. I really like the luncheon bags. When did they come out? I haven't seen them before.
  9. Wow I never knew this style! Love love love the pink one!
  10. Hey Christeeny! - Love the pics! -- We're all going to be looking for these bags! - LOL!
  11. Congrats. Beautiful bags! :tup:

    I would take the first, second... and third, too. :graucho:
  12. What a lovely trio! It sounds like late night ebay stalking pays off!
  13. wow, I'm so jealous of that last pic :smile: I have never seen a luncheon bag before but now that's definitely coming on my wishlist

  14. ahhh the first bag is GORGEOUS! its been added to my wishlist ;]
  15. congratulations, they're all just too cute :smile: