Good things come in small packages

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  1. Good things do come in small packages! :yahoo:

    Care to join me for a quick reveal?
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  2. wow!

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  3. Yay!
  4. :yahoo:WooHOOOOOO!!!
  5. Excited to see what's inside!!! Yay!
  6. image.jpeg
    I purchased the top two brooches from
    Calflu's BG SA. Thank you Calflu! :wave:
    The bottom three brooches were purchased through my Nordstrom SA :happydance:
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  7. They're perfect! Xo
  8. OMG!!! we love absolutely the SAME ones!!!!! :wtf: these are SPECTACULAR!!!! How stoked are you right now?!?!?!?!?!
    I have the bottom middle one coming in, twins on the crest, and so yearning the other 2 black and white ones (and want the burgundy one too but can't get 2 of each style... :crybaby:
    VERY NICE!!!!! :love: wish this was my reveal, but it's not... Happy for you though!!! :lol:
  9. also how are you planning to wear the crest brooch/what to wear it with? collecting ideas... :smile:
  10. Thank you so much liapot! ;)
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  11. Thank you so much Vanana!
    We have great taste, don't we? LOL :blush::graucho:
    I love Chanel brooches so I am really stoked that I can add these to my collection :hbeat:

    I'm so happy that I finally have the crest brooch. The leather chained brooch is a really good size and the price is right too. I'm glad you have it as well ;)
  12. I think I'll wear it with suits, coats, sweaters and possibly scarves. It's such a beautiful brooch so I think it'll compliment various outfits :love:
  13. So glad you got the crest brooch, it's really stunning and unique. imagine me with that brooch like golem in lord of the ring holding the ring... yup, like that.
    Seriously though, to me the ones you got were exactly what I thought were the standout ones this season. I wanted them all but I think you can see why I can't get them all. it's like these are the ones I think I would see in 10 years selling for more than whatever the retail price is at that time and still sell out immediately. but my point is not selling it, but the reason that they're beautiful classics with just the right detail "twist" that stands out. perfect and SO JELLY!!!!
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  14. Would you mind sharing the style code for the bottom middle one? :heart:
  15. LOL!!! Love your sense of humor! :lol:
    I couldn't stop smiling when I purchased the crest brooch. It's definitely my "precious". Hahahaha ;)
    My SA mentioned that it is considered as one of the classic brooches.
    I love your recent purchases, so classic and beautiful :hbeat: