Good things come in small packages

  1. In a short span I´ve received my gorgeous Kelly Double Tour in Epsom leather, 2 fabulous fragnances as gifts (Merveilles from Cal:heart: and the Jardin de Nil I got as Raok from the lovely Annanas) and a 24 Faubourg twilly. I haven´t shopped in a while and these felt great to buy, they feel so me.

    The Lait Des Merveilles is such a good smell, I simply adore it!!!

    I adore the Kelly Double Tour, I want it in every colour possible. What colours has it come in ladies:flowers:?
    thenewset.JPG kellydoubletour.JPG 24faubourg.JPG
  2. Congrats on ur new gorgeous H goodies!! ENJOY THEM!!!
  3. Beautiful, Nola! I totally agree with you on the KDT bracelet. I love it and can't seem to get anough of it! I've seen countless combinations for this bracelet.
  4. That's gorgeous! I was just eyeing that on the Hermes website a few minutes ago. :smile:
  5. Thank you! Oh really, countless:nuts:
  6. great stuff. the double tour looks great in black. i had it in raisin epsom but i sold it. the style was not me.
  7. The Double Tour looks great on you!
  8. Nola: I love your black Kelly Double Tour. I've bought a summery white one. And I'm on the list for a ebene :love: with silver hardware one as well and might get a black one too....

    My store also has it in orange suede and barenia.
  9. It looks great on you:tup:
  10. Orange suede:wtf::heart: I wonder if that would stain though..

    Thank you all:heart:
  11. Love the bracelet! Congratulations!
  12. Nola, Gorgeous bracelet. :smile: Congrats. :smile:
  13. Nola Congrats! The KDT looks GREAT on you!
  14. Nola: orange suede looked really good on me, but I was very unsure about the staining as well...I think you have to be really careful when washing your hand :sad: got the white one instead and really love the fresh look of it:heart::heart:
  15. Loving the double tour! Looks fabulous on you! Congratulations on such lovely H goodies!