Good Things are worth waiting for!!

  1. After such a long wait and even contemplating to purchase one on eBay, my damier sophie is finally here!! :yahoo: I'm so excited when my gf called me 2 days ago to say that she had purchased it in Japan. And she has just shown it to me through the web-cam!! Tempting me... haha!!! I can't wait to lay my hands on it.... good things are really worth waiting for... & just in time for X'mas. But I will only collect it from her probably in one or weeks later, coz she is flying off again, whereas I'm going to KL this weekend. I thought there was no hope in getting one, since its already now december and this was launched in early november. But I thought no harm in asking her to check it out for me. Infact, when I browsed the LV Japan website and saw it, my hope was rekindled. Will post pictures of it when I got it. :yes:
  2. aw, congratss!
  3. Thanks Couture girl!
  4. Congrats!! Can't wait for pics!
  5. Thanks margaritaxmix!
  6. that's exciting, congrats! can't wait to see pics! your friend was really nice to do that!
  7. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. OMG! You are one lucky girl! I've been eyeing Sophie for quite some time. Btw, are you flying off to KL - Kuala Lumpur??? Is your friend going to Japan again???? By any chance can she get one for me????
  9. congrats! love the sophie!
  10. wow, how exciting. congratz!!!
  11. Congratulations, I think that is a stunning bag. I would have loved to get one...... Have fun wearing it.
  12. Thanks beljwl!

    Yep yep! Thanks sally! But unfortunately she is not, think she is flying off to Paris.

    Thanks SuzanneVuitton! It completes my 2007 wishlist, am one happy gal now.

    Thanks LVVuittonLuvr!

    Thanks gillianna!
  13. Thanks kimaee! Yep yep, my childhood buddy is great. :love: And she is a LV lover too! :heart:
  14. Congrats! :yahoo:
  15. congrats!!!