Good suede protectant?

  1. I just received my legacy shoulder tote in plum suede and was thinking about using suede protectant on it. I used Nordstrom's suede protector on my suede fringe bag and it seems to be holding up fine, but wanted to know if anyone here has a particular kind of suede protectant they've used on their bags. Also, any tips or hints on how you keep your suede clean would be greatly appreciated - I really want to try and baby this one and keep it clean!
  2. willowsmom - Could you post pics of your new plum bag?
    I'd love to see it!:yes:
  3. mokoni - thanks for the advice - I'll check it out!
    bearonica - I will try to post pics later today! Actually, I really want people's opinions because I'm so torn about it- I adore the bag and the color, but I'm second guessing the suede and wondering if I ought to just get it in leather!
  4. Wilson's Protectant is my favorite!!
  5. I used to use that one, but I got the non-areosol spray and it was hard to tell if it was evenly covered.

    I used Shining Monkey now and love it. You can order it off Amazon.
  6. I use ugg on my suede bead tote in flint and haven't had any problems. Bag is a year old and looks brand hew
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Bearonica - I finally got around to posting about my new bag (w/pics) - it's in another thread (sorry, I don't know how to attach a link to it!) entitled "my new legacy shoulder bag" or something to that effect!
  8. I use Wilsons too. But I still don't take mine out if it's raining. :shame: