Good stuff on KarenKooper! Graffiti scarf!

  1. To die for scarf on!
    Silver graffiti!

    She's also got some cherry blossom satin heels someone was looking for the other day in sz 8.5-9.
    And a jackpot of cerises shoes in tons of styles if you're a 9 also!

    I'm thinking Karen must wear a 9 since the majority of her shoes are that size? lol


    I was looking and nauseous that she sold a cerises keepall for $1000. I wanted that! lol :cursing:
  2. A cerises keepall for $1000? Aarrrghhhhh!!!
  3. Always good stuff on KarenKooper...I go over and check them out quite often and just do alot of wishing!!!