Good Stuff coming in September?

  1. Hi ladies, I've been trying to keep track of the new Coach items coming out in September, but I don't think I have all of it down. Could you give me a heads up about anything I should be holding my breath for? I'm looking to order a Coach bag to be my new "workhorse" bag with some store credit that I have, but nothing is really calling my name. I like the Legacy Flap in Whiskey, I really like the shape, but the price seems way too high (maybe someone can convince me that it's not, lol!). Plus it seems like it might be heavy. I need a bag (I really do at this point, my poor old Sig Stripe tote is really starting to look shabby), but I don't want to order something impulsively now if there's much better to come. Thanks ladies - let me know what I should keep an eye out for if anything!
  2. Lol, never mind, I pretty much answered my own question - I needed a new bag, I didn't really like any Coach style (or at least didn't want to pay Coach prices), so I ordered another brand! I got a tokidoki :happydance:to use for school and generally schlepping around. Guess I'll be visiting that subforum soon!
  3. well, I have to give praise to the Legacy Flap. I have one in chocolate sig. I know its not very popular here with the ladies because everyone prefers the old Ali better BUT I love this bag. The sig flap bag isn't heavy at all. I'm not sure about the leather version. It holds a ton, easier to get in and out of than what I originally thought and the drop length is awesome. I agree the price seems a little steep but then again, Coach prices are creeping up in everything. Now for September...there is going to be a new Ergo leather flap in chocolate or black for $298. Not sure on size comparison to the Legacy flap?? Also the Ergo leather belted bags will be out.
  4. you trader you!! LOL.....:p Glad you found something you like. Congrats on your new bag. :yes:
  5. I love the LeSportSac Tokidoki stuff! I don't own one yet, but I think they're adorable. Congratulations, you should post a picture here anyway, I'd love to see it! :smile: