Good store-bought salad dressing?

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  1. Hi girls!

    Do you have recommendations for good store-bought salad dressing? I've never really found one I like, but if I could I'd be glad to eat a nice healthy salad!
  2. I love Good Seasons Sesame and Ginger, it use it when I make tuna salad with spinach and leafy greens. Ken's Steak House light Creamy Parmesan or Sweet Vidalia Onion are also :love:
  3. I love the raspberry vinagrette by Light Done Right , by Kraft. It is such a fresh tasting dressing. :o)
  4. YES!

    Cindy's Kitchen - Raspberry Nectar Vinaigrette
    from Whole Foods

    anything from Paul Newman (any grocery store)

    Ken's Steak House Blue Cheese dressing (any grocery store)
  5. i love the annie's natural brand at whole foods and trader joe's. they have all different kinds....many other store bought dressings have weird funky ingredients.

    of course there's also lemonjuice, olive oil sea salt and herbs

    or olive oil/balsamic vinegar

    I love a well dressed salad <g>
  6. Oh wow, that sounds yummy! Is the Good Seasons one sweet? I haven't put tuna in my salads before, but I'll have to try it.
  7. Annie's Naturals. They have fun names like Goddess and stuff!
  8. I second that! I love the Paul Newman dressings!
  9. the goddess is my fave! I also love green goddess and cowgirl ranch
  10. i love the newman's balsamic vinagrette......yummy and healthy
  11. I love, Newmans Own Balsamic Vinaigrette its really tangy but delicious.
  12. It's a sweet/tangy type of dressing. It's excellent! If you've ever had the mandarin chicken salad from Wendy's, it tastest just like the dressing they give you.

    I usually put tuna or grilled chicken in my salads for protein, to keep me full. I buy the pre-packaged Fresh Express lettuce, add the meat and put grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, sliced mushrooms and croutons. Yum :nuts:
  13. mmmmm. now I'm hungry!
  14. i love the newman's balsamic vinagarette too! another fav of mine is the girard's ceasar (triangular shaped bottle). it is just like my homemade ceasar, not too creamy or oily. oh, and how can i forget hidden valley ranch. whenever i have an off-brand ranch, i gag!
  15. ooh ooh ooh! I forgot about Girards! I love their oriental salad dressing!