Good Starter Coach

  1. Hi! I'm VERY new to the forum and designer bags. I'm looking for my first, and thought I'd start with COACH. Can anyone suggest a good starter bag? I've been eyeing some SOHO's on eBay.
  2. My very first designer purse was also a Coach. It was the Soho mini signature handbag..this is the closest they have to it now. [​IMG]

    It was a very nice 1st designer bag for me-very practical. I still use it!

    Are you looking for a bag with the signature C's or plain?
  3. Welcome!! Are you looking for a shoulder bag or a tote? Something specific for work and/or school?

    Here's a few soho items from

    Soho leather flap:

    Signature small hobo (with other color choices...a little more casual look than the above):

    Legacy pouch... a little smaller size but leather and a great value!!

    Have fun on the forum. Check out the Coach resources at the top of this subforum too if you haven't already done so. :supacool:
  4. do you like the signature pieces, or leather?

    i would personally go for a hobo or a tote. or maybe even a carly bag? (Carly Bags)
  5. I was eyeing that exact first bag (just plain black leather), as well as one just like it (with the flap), but black/white signature. Awww..they are just all so pretty!:p
  6. Yeah it's so hard to choose! Do you live anywhere near a boutique or dept store so you can try a few on?
  7. Not a boutique, but I'm sure they would have them at Holt Renfrew. I have seen the small soho with the flap and I think it might be a good size to start with. I eventually want an oversized bag, but I think I need more designer bag experience....hehe:p

  8. Ooooh! These are pretty too!!
  9. a swingpack was my first caoch ever! ive been addicted ever since. i definetly recommend swingpacks, they are practical and when your shopping you dont have to worry about holding or losing a purse
  10. my first coach bag was a backpack! lol! asnd i love my backpack even till today.
  11. I'm new to the forum, designer bags, and Coach myself :smile:. My first Coach bag was the first bag, which I bought back in October. It's great for work and for play, and it's pretty roomy. I recommend!
  12. this was my first coach...a basic east/west duffle. The color is what drew me in. but the size is so perfect, that you can't go wrong with a duffle...IMO.

    Haven't used this bag in a while actually...will have to make this one next on my rotation...

    (I love the "drop" on this bag...many of Coach's newer bags have the tinest drops...that irks me...)

  13. ^^Love that color deweydrop!!

    But my first Coach bag was the Soho hobo like the one Valerie the black/white mini I loved that bag....
  14. My first Coach was a camel soho flap... so I am biased! :yes:
  15. That is SO cute! I love the color. :yes: