Good starter bag?

  1. Hi there I just registered, so I'm new! :]

    I really want a trendy bag that I can use for a while without it going out of style, and I am pretty young (13 but in a private school where designer bags are everyywheree) so I need something age appropriate I guess. I lovee Juicy Couture, but even on eBay sometimes they can get a little pricey for me since I'm on a budget lol. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good bag that I could ask for as a gift for a birthday or something, or any good eBay sellers that are reliable? Thanks soo much!

    xoxo, anja
  2. I would recommend the Juicy daydreamer, it's really cute and has been out for awhile. They can be found on sale at times for a bit over $100.
  3. I like Juicy daydreamer too. It's a cute tote style and I'm willing to get one if I have some budget left after my sale shopping spree(lol).
  4. For your age I would say go with a Juicy Daydreamer. In a few years you might want to try Coach.
  5. I would suggest prada saffiano. Cute, handy and fits a school girl. It will last long.
  6. It depends if you want a leather bag or a more colorful fabric bag. There are LOTS of Juicy bags on sale at Nordstrom Rack. They had so many cute styles. Perfect for your age. I am not sure where you are located, but you might want to check out an outlet store for some great deals.