Good Stam Deal

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  1. Good deal for a fake?
  2. She has a good reputation selling LV. I am assuming that would carry over to other products as well.
  3. The interior suede color is wrong. Unless it is a lighting problem.
  4. That is not a fake MJ ~ it's authentic.
  5. She does have a good reputation for selling LV (I guess, I'm no expert) but that Stam is fake, I'd bet on it. The leather is wrong. It looks like it's supposed to be the Icy leather but it's too smooth. And too "textured" to be Nappa. Plus, like youngprof said, the interior color is wrong (again, could be the lighting). Also, is it a full size or baby? She has the dimensions of a full size but it has no handles.
  6. I agree with Daisy & Youngprof. I'm so scared of fakes on ebay.......

    If anyone's interested in a real MJ clutch/shoulder bag (baby Stam), Bordeaux is currently on pre-order at (expected ship date is no later than 5/19). If anyone plans to place an order, remember to use the current promotion code (SHOPMAY) for an additional 10% off.

    (info & picture from
    Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

    Shiny quilted leather bag in a frame style with chain strap.
    · Logo kiss-and-lock frame closure
    · Front zip pocket
    · Suede lining with zip pocket
    · 8"H X 12"L X 3"W
    · Made in Italy
    $795.00 0470823543068
  7. If I am wrong and the bag is fake, I apologize. I am not promoting the purchase of fake bags. My intent was not bad. Sorry!
  8. bkbaggirl,

    Please don't apologize & feel like we accuse you of anything. We don't mean to blame it on you in any way, we are all here to discuss bags & love to get good deals. Thanks for pointing us to it, please don't ever hestitate to do so. =)
  9. :flowers:
  10. She has another Stam up for sale, starting bid at 99 cents (no indication of reserve)! I'm trying to learn to differentiate the real ones from the fakes. This one is a fake right? The stitching on the botton of the bag doesn't seem right, they don't line up? The leather's off too?
  11. gosh, it's so hard to tell sometimes.
  12. Thanks for catching that...I thought for sure that this was authentic considering her feedback and her knowledge of LV's. I'm the one that has bid on the bag, but now I'm a bit skeptical. I just checked my baby stam and noticed that the stitching lines up perfectly. It's the little things like that that is so easy to overlook. I've e-mailed the seller to see if she had the bag authenticated through a third party.
    We'll see.
  13. I think that taupe stam is fake. The price makes me wonder, and the photo showing the bottom of the bag looks very fake. My Fall 05 taupe stam has the stitching matching up perfectly.

    You might want to cancel your bid.
  14. Harm0ni, did you hear back from the seller?
    I agree with Youngprof, I wouldn't place a bid on it. If you are unsure, don't do it. The thought of receiving a fake bag & what to do afterwards are just too stressful & time consuming. That's just my opinion though. =)

    For a $1k+ bag, I would expect the stitching to line up. Listings of the so-called 'Authentic' Stam at several hundreds each are all over Ebay, some even have pictures of authentic ones (stolen?). A full-price Stam doesn't guarantee it's real either -- saw many listings of fake Stams at and/or above full retail prices. It's sad, but true.

    Beddings/BathTowels with misaligned patterns/stitchings would be considered as manufacturing defect and get destroyed or sent to outlets -- there are notes indicating that you are buying the item (with defect) at discounted prices.

    Ladies, what do you think of that listing?