Good Sources of Protein

  1. Does anyone have suggestions of some good sources of protein. I know this might sound easy to everyone else but I do not eat meat and I'm a college student soo when I get home every night at 8 o'clock, I am not really in the mood to go to the kitchen on the next floor of my dorm and cook some fish when we don't even have an oven. I would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks in advance!
  2. Cottage cheese is loaded with protein. If you shop at Costco they have bean, cheese and rice burritos that u can throw in the micro. They only have 1 gram of fat and 7+ grams of protein and fiber.
  3. Beans have a ton of protein... you can get all sorts of soups with beans that will give you a protein boost. Lentil soup, black beans, etc. What about some tuna fish in the can? Easy to open and get to with no prep time. Also if you have a fridge in ur room you could hardboil some eggs and eat those...

    let me think some more!!
  4. when I was in college in the dorm my lifesaver was peanut butter. There were some days that I just had 1-2 spoons of peanut butter for breakfast or dinner because I didn't feel like cooking or going to the cafeteria.

    Also - a lot of the meal replacement bars have good amounts of protein in them.
  5. If you eat dairy, there are a lot of easy choices that require little or no cooking - cheese, yogurt, eggs (quick to cook - I like fried egg sandwiches when I want something quick and easy)

    Like Megs said, beans are also good, and canned ones are easy to fix. You can also get ready-made bean dips that don't require anythiong more than chips and a fridge to keep it in.

    Nuts and nut butters are also a good choice, and are super easy.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

    Hope this helps
  6. Tuna salad is always good, or even just tuna straight from the can. Also Luna bars, cheese and crackers, peanut butter sandwhiches.

    Another thing I did a lot in grad school was to either make or pick up from the salad bar, a plate of lettuce and veggies, then top that with either canned tuna or a cooked veggie burger. Some salad bars even have tofu bits or beans that you could put on there.

    Finally, yogurt and frozen yogurt have protein too. All I can think of for now, but it shouldn't be hard:smile:
  7. beans, nuts, cheeses, tofu, soy products, and if u eat fish, salmon and tuna are great protein foods!
  8. Aren't eggs good sources of protein? I love eating eggs....boiled eggs, sunny side up eggs, scrambled eggs.....the list goes on.
  9. I actually make protein shakes. Some nights I get home from the clinic and it is 8 PM. I am literally more tired than hungry. I go to the health food store and get the kind that are made with egg white and are fat free, then I mix it up with skim milk. I add a little sweetener, banana, or honey and voila.
    I don't eat meat, except for small amounts of chicken and fish here and there, so I know I don't get enough protein. I start feeling run down. These shakes seem to help. I just mix them up in the glass with a fork, sometimes I am too lazy to even use the blender.
  10. egg white, tofu, edamame,beans, nuts, roasted soy,roasted edamame
    My favorite, Myoplex lite protein and easy very low in fat, complete protein