Good source for Authenticating Choo?

  1. My friend just got ripped off with a fake Black Choo Ramona. :tdown:

    It took me two seconds upon seeing it to tell it was fake. I compared it with my real brown one and it is clear it is fake. She paid with paypal but I know they are going to want proof that it is a knock off. Where is the best resource to turn to for authenticating a Choo? Does anyone know? I don't really have contacts with any Choo SA in the states and I dont want to have to ship it to the UK for authentication.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.
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  2. Well, there is an company: who does authentication. They charge about $75 a bag. I wonder if sending the comparison pics would satisfy Paypal. The pictures illustrate the differenced well. Can she dispute the charge on her card (if she used a card)? A Choo boutique will tell you if a fake is a fake, but they will not do that officially. Also, the seller committed a crime by selling a fake, can you send them an official sounding letter for your friend?
  3. Hi Jburgh. Thanks for responding. She checked into mypoupette but their fees are outrageous. She filed the claim and we will see what happens. We took the bag to the choo boutique at short hills and they confirmed it was fake but wont put anything in writing.
  4. That is the problem with eBay. You may have to prove it is fake. Has she contacted the seller? I have seen feedback from some of the sellers of fake bags that shows they are taking the fake bags back rather than risk negs. or a possible eBay slap. How much did she pay for it?
    How awful to have to go through this! I would do what jburg said and offer the pics to paypal.
  5. Thanks everyone. The seller offered either sending the bag back and my friend eating the shipping costs both ways (over 150.00) or a partial 1/2 refund. Needless to say neither is acceptable to my friend so she has engaged Carol Diva who seems to be a pro at this and is very responsive. So if this happens to anyone else, I can answer my own question and say a good source is Carol Diva.
  6. Lionlaw - Are there any threads where Carol Diva gives advise?
  7. Who is Carol Diva?
  8. As far as I know she is not a member of the purse forum. she was recommended by several LV ladies as being an alternative source to mypoupette. she apparently used to be with mypoupette and went out on her own. She has a web site at, several reliable tpfer's recommended her, and my friend says she sounds legit.

    I did a search on the forum and there are several threads discussing her authentication services.
  9. I have seen her mentioned as a legit authentication site as well. I think paypal accepts her and I think she is way cheaper than mypoupette! But does she auth. Choo? I think there are only certain designers she authenticates.
  10. Yes - Carol is great!
    she is a member here too - I don't remember what her tPF name is though.

    As for My poupette - AVOID! :tdown::tdown:
    I will leave it at that - no need to get into it, but don't get ripped off like I did.
  11. Yes, she can authenticate Choo so long as she has authentic bags to reference. I get the gist that she cant authenticate Choo off the top of her head like LVs, Chanel and Gucci. My friend snapped shots of several of my Ramonas to photo compare with the fake Choo she got and Carol said it was clear it was a fake and is preparing the letter.

    It is ridiculous she is having to jump through hoops with fake bags when any moron looking at it could tell it was a fake. I tried to do a letter on my firm letterhead for my friend but Paypal wont take the authentication. Now if this was a court, how quick do you think the fake claim would hold up.

    So Carol is doing it. Paypal/eBay really suck.
  12. And all of this is why I am SO thankful to have found this forum! Well, sorta....because then I also met people like Jburgh, Robyn, JM and a host of others who's motto apparently is, "GET IT!".... :p
  13. :yes::roflmfao:This is the part that I'm learning very quickly around here!:roflmfao::yes:

  14. Yeah, but only if it is AUTHENTIC. :graucho:

    I just checked out Carol Diva's website and bookmarked it. I also joined the knowknockoffs forum. It looks like that forum is not very active. The help threads are so old that you cannot pull them up.
  15. ^VERY good point!! But have ya steered me wrong yet? Wait a minute, I'm actually thinking.... :p