Good skiing this year?

  1. We've only been a couple of times this year locally but are going to Mammoth at the end of April for a week.

    Anyone have a favorite ski area?

    And since this will be my first Mammoth trip, can anyone recommend a nice romantic place for dinner? (hubbys birthday.)
  2. I'm going to sound so un-helpful here...

    But Vlad is skiing in the Alps as we speak!! Other than that, I got nothing for ya but love!
  3. poor, poor vlad. he had to settle for the alps? I hope he finds some good runs!

    (so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  4. I ski locally all winter long. I also have a timeshare at Heavenly. I was there at the end of January/beginning of February. Lake Tahoe is the only place I've been to besides skiing here in the NY area. My husband has gone to many other places to ski. He likes Colorado as well. I have to admit though the ski season this year in NY was a bust. Too much warm weather! The ski equipment is already packed away and the motorcycle gear is out.
  5. a time share at Heavenly sounds heavenly! I've only skiied there once myself. where do you ski in the NY area?