GOOD SITE~! LOUIS VUITTON good good good!

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  1. wow great reference! thanks for sharing!
  2. Are they selling LV? I thought the only website for NEW (other then consignment) was eluxury??

  3. That's what I was thinking... I don't think this is a 'good' site at all.
  4. there is a site called rakuten that sells Authentic LV they are resellers (unlike elux which is new)

    I can't read the writing so I'm not sure if that the same site the page I look at looks different I'll put my link up hold on
  5. It's good to just use that website for picture references.
  6. It's a japanese site and it's a "good" site. If you know japanese. ;) I dont know if they even ship outside japan.
  7. Okay! I thought it was another one of those people posting a site that sells fakes... Sorry!
  8. Since LV is so popular in Japan, there are a lot of resellers like these. I look at this site for the modelling pics. It's a good way to get a real idea of how a bag looks when worn.
  9. When my brother worked in Japan, he always bought from this website.

    Its legit. And "good."

    LV is huge in Japan so there are so many resellers in the country.
  10. Wow thank you.
  11. I can't imagine there being very many places selling fakes in Japan because the people there just loveeee their designers.
    Plus, it's rakuten, all of their items are legit.

    Thanks for the link! I have three rakuten sites bookmarked but I don't have this one yet!
  12. Thank you!
  13. I wish I can read japanese. Good reference site!
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