Good shopping sites for Canadians? Post here!

  1. I get so frustrated when I find something I want to purchase, only to find out that the company/site doesn't ship to Canada... What sites do you regularly shop from that ship to Canada? Thanks for your help...
  2. J Crew
    Neiman Marcus
    Saks (But you have to call them to place your order, your order cannot be placed online)
    Forever 21
    Bloomingdales (You also have to call them to place your order)
  3. Aaaah, that explains it. I just tried to place an order on Bloomingdales Web site, but now I know to call them to place my order. Thanks so much for the info! I'm going to visit those other sites now... :tup:
  4. Bluefly & Net-a-Porter also ships to Canada.
  5. victoria secret
    active endeavours (free shipping to canada)
    max and chloe
    luna boston (but you need to call to place your order)
    urban outfitters
    miss sixty

    revolve is my fav though - with free shipping to canada and a wide range of brands
  6. do you want to know what companies ship to Canada (because most do) or what companies ship that are actually WORTH shopping from? because it wouldn't make sense to pay MORE than the item itself just for shipping/customs...which is the case with a lot of the companies out there.

    revolveclothing and activeendeavors top my list because they both ship to Canada and via USPS (with AE, request it because they sometimes send UPS). shopepic has decent shipping rates, too. is also based in Montreal but carries brands like Seven and Citizens of Humanity and often have codes. they have free shipping.

    jcrew, abercrombie, etc. have cheap shipping to Canada BUT they ship via UPS/Fex/DHL/etc. which all charge "handling fees".
  7. ^ ditto to what azia said.

    Abercrombie has a Canadian site, so there are no handling fees. Just regular tax (no duties).
  8. Where is the best place to buy uggs online for shipping to Canada?
    They are $225 canadian in the stores vs $120 american online.
  9. have u considered checking out eBay? i remember buying a pair there 2 years ago for 1/3 of the price i would've paid if i bought @ aritzia

    They also have coupon codes. I think Fall Holiday will give you 20% off, which basically covers the customs you'll need to pay.

    I bought 3 pairs from them last year and they had great CS every time!
  11. victoria secret is another option. even with the shipping and duty they end up cheaper than buying in canada. FA78149 is good for 15% off to canada.
  12. Shopbop but wait until they have their $ 20 off purchases of $ 100 etc promo. Last year they had one in Dec if I remember

  13. Do any of these carry Rock & Republic Jeans?
  14. Try this site.. they have a lots of brands like Rock & Republic jeans... almost all item are on sale!
  15. I have bought a few things from they ship UPS, my boots were $175 but they actually paid the duty for me! That is so cool-and of course the US price listed is more than what it is in Canadian dollars-I never thought I would see the day that happened! is really good too. is awesome too-you just have to call and they will ship to Canada-they have some really nice shoes that you just can't find here.
    I'm so glad I found this thread!