Good shopping day yesterday!

  1. I don't post very often in here, but yesterday was a pretty good shopping day for me so I thought I should post here :smile:

    I'm a bigger girl, so it's tough sometimes to find nice-fitting and affordable clothes for me - but yesterday I pretty much hit the jackpot!

    I needed some new clothes for school (which starts next week, ack!!) and I wanted to try and find a Pea Coat or another MIlitary style coat, but no luck there.

    Here's what I ended up getting:
    - Cord Blazer from the H&M Plus sized department. I was actually quite upset about the size I had to get (Size 54, 24 US) because my tops are usually size 16 or so - but the jacket was cut so small around the bust & shoulder area that I could hardly move in it.
    - White knit turtleneck sweater from Cecil. I've been looking for a knit turtleneck forever, and was so happy to find this one! :yahoo:
    - Pink Polo 3/4 sleeve shirt. Soooooo comfy!
    - Brown t-shirt with white long sleeves attached. IDK, how to explain it. One of those long sleeved shirts that look like a short + long sleeved together??

    I didn't get any pants, but that's okay. Pants are usually frustrating for me, since I've got a big butt and it's hard to find a good fit. Argh!

    I'll try and take pictures this afternoon when I unpack my stuff :smile:
  2. Sounds like much fun!!

    Can't wait to see ya spoils! :smile:
  3. sounds cute! congrats!!
  4. great shopping!congrats!:biggrin:
  5. great shopping day :biggrin:

    and never worry about the sizing in H&M, you ALWAYS go bigger, sometimes two sizes! so dont worry about that either ;)
  6. please show us!