Good shoe racks???

  1. Do you ladies have any ideas of what types of shelving I could use to display all my shoes :confused1: I currently have them in over the door shoe racks and am tired of them hanging on my doors. I want something else. I can have DH mount some shelves to the wall, but i'm looking for something easier maybe something like a book case of some sort :confused1:
  2. I keep my shoes in their boxes....precious gems!! Don't your shoes end up dusty?
  3. I use a rack like this for my everyday shoes


  4. :girlsigh: I forgot about dust, the racks they are in now protect them from dust, maybe I should just keep them there :rolleyes:
  5. shoefan~ thats a nice rack looks like it holds quite a few pairs
  6. I ended up getting myself an old shabby chic bookcase. It's enough to fit 50 pairs of shoes neatly. Everything else is in my wardrobe. I don't bother keeping them in their boxes anymore. There were so many i ended up forgetting what i had :p As for dust, i've solved that problem by always keeping the door and window to that room closed (only let it air once a week) and have air recirculation to that room off too.
  7. Shoefan--I think I have the same rack except it is really long and only a 2 rows tall. I love it! LOL Now I just need a bigger closet... :smile:
  8. I have an armoire from Ikea which I store all my shoes in. works great.

  9. This is my problem, I want to see all I have so I won't forget what I have :p
  10. Here is what I use for shoes right by the door. The slots are a pretty small fit, so boxes aren't going to make it. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond, and it was pretty easy to put together. They also stack if you buy another one, and I believe there is a bigger size.